Rockwood Manual Physical Therapy Clinic The Unique Spinal Specialists in Portland

The definition of Manual Physical Therapy is treating the mechanical cause of pain with hands-on techniques, not just treating the symptoms of pain with exercise.

Rockwood Manual Physical Therapy Clinic
of Portland, is uniquely qualified and specialized in manual physical therapy, which is the science of diagnosing and eliminating mechanical pain and dysfunction with the ultimate goal of returning to full pain-free function.  If you have pain that can be induced by movement of your neck, back, or any of your limbs, then we probably have a solution for you.  Please check out the experienced team of professionals on our Professional Staff Page.  At Rockwood Manual Physical Therapy Clinic we have the science, techniques, and unique treatment tools together with over 100 years of collective clinical experience to diagnose and successfully treat most painful conditions.  We have the unique advantage of having directly studied with the world’s leading experts in physical medicine in such countries as England, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, and France.  While we don’t claim to be able to fix everything that presents at the clinic, we know at your initial diagnostic evaluation whether we can help. Most often you see an improvement in your pain and motion at the very first encounter.  If you have tried everything else without success, please see us for a consultation and plan of care.  Our treatment philosophy and techniques are quite unique to the Northwest, and often succeed where others have failed.

What makes us unique?

One of the special features of this clinic is that patients are treated with Rockwood Manual Physical Therapy Clinic’s unique approach which addresses the CAUSE of mechanical pain rather than merely treating symptoms with exercise. We cannot see the logic or benefit in turning a weak painful structure into a strong painful structure. Eliminating mechanical cause of pain ensures the resolution of the problem, which is reflected in the fact that less than 10% of our patients have to return for the same condition (barring re-injury).

We believe the reason for our gratifying outcomes is that our physiotherapeutic diagnosis of mechanical pain cause and the implementation of a specially designed program to fit the patient’s needs ensures nearly instantaneous pain relief and improvement in function. In fact, we expect relief of pain and improvement at the first treatment in most cases.

We carefully measure painful limitation of motion as an objective baseline with special computer controlled equipment. We can thus measure changes and response to track treatment efficacy. We do not pursue treatment if we cannot change pain or mobility in 6-8 treatments. We work closely with your doctor or specialist and provide detailed reports on progress.

For 35 years Rockwood Manual Physical Therapy Clinic has been an integral part of the medical profession, working closely with orthopedists, neurosurgeons, neurologists, primary care physicians, and other branches of the medical profession providing treatment of mechanical pain and dysfunction as our specialty.

Our clinic is the first choice for physicians and their families to be treated personally for their injuries.

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