Our Professional Staff:

John Bonica                                P.T., C.M.P., BSc.P.T. (New Zealand 1963)  Owner
John Bonica P.T., C.M.P., BSc.P.T. (New Zealand 1963) Owner
Rita Smith  PTA,  Assistant Business/ Billing Manager           (Since 1987)
Rita Smith PTA, Assistant Business/ Billing Manager (Since 1987)
Dorothy Travis  Accounts/ Reception (Since 2004)
Dorothy Travis Accounts/ Reception (Since 2004)
Ellen Bonica     Business/IT Manager  (Since 1990)
Ellen Bonica Business/IT Manager (Since 1990)
Connie Mendoza, PTA            (Since 2016)
Connie Mendoza, PTA (Since 2016)

About John Bonica

Graduating from Otago University New Zealand with a B.Sc. in Physiotherapy in 1963, John had as his mentors right out of school, Dr. Stanley Paris, Robin Mackenzie, and Brian Mulligan, all of whom are International pioneers in physical medicine, having contributed much to the advancement of the profession. Realizing there was much to learn, John over the past 50 years in clinical private practice (33 of them in Portland, Oregon) continued his studies with world leaders especially in the field of spinal manipulation and mobilization, sports medicine, and industrial medicine. Dr. James Cyriax (England), Kaltenborn and Ovienth of Norway, Alan Stoddard, D.O. (England), Maitland (Australia) to name but a few. As an acupuncturist in New Zealand, John was fortunate to study with Dr. Nogier of France using electronic techniques to relieve pain, so that treating mechanical injury was made more efficient. The opportunity to study with his cousin, John J. Bonica M.D., considered to be the premier pioneer in the U.S. on pain management, did much to further John’s understanding of pain and its mechanisms. One of John’s contributions to his profession has been in the accurate mechanical diagnosis and treatment of spinal pain by seeking cause of pain rather than being content to merely treat symptoms.

To ensure that his legacy is continued, teaching the talented professionals he has surrounded himself with, has been a high priority. Getting at the “why” of pain and dysfunction, correcting mechanics where possible, and educating patients thoroughly in prevention has always been his goal. To this end he has published papers, lectured, and even had a radio call-in show for three years. His experienced and capable staff (most of whom have worked with him from 10 to 29 years) continue to build on John’s long career experience while he continues to mentor, teach, and assist with special challenges that present at the clinic. A highlight of his career is the invitation by his longtime friend, Brian Mulligan, to contribute at the Mulligan Concept World Conference in Portugal 2011.

In past years, John has enjoyed representing his native New Zealand on a world level in soccer and sailing.  Today he still is passionate about sailing and also spends leisure  time orchestrating and recording music.  He also volunteers his professional time and services in Mexico on a regular basis and, most recently visited Pitcairn Island to offer help to over half of its adult population.

Collective post-graduate experience

What makes this clinic unique is the eclectic, international personal studies with world leaders in the spinal specialty and physical medicine fields over nearly five decades. Consequently, we use a European concept of treating cause, not symptoms, and not by therapeutic exercise alone as is most often the case. Our broad experience ranges from Olympic athletes, sports teams including Blazers and Winterhawks, professional dancers, professional baseball pitchers, gymnasts, to being the clinic of choice for over 40 medical doctors and their families over the past 33 years.